Dutch Push Hoes

Dutch Push Hoes

The most powerful weeding hoe made.
Item Number:LH-H021

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Handle Length
Solid Socket
Tang and Ferrule [+$-5.00]
Blade Size
The most powerful of hoes are the push hoes. They have a distinctive design wherein their shank is split and fastened at each end of the blade, rather than the middle. The shank arises from a socket which surrounds the end of the handle. The blade is slightly thicker than other weeding hoes. The tools are designed for heavy-duty weeding and can keep sharp when wielded properly, make short work of thistle, dock and even--in my experience--sprouting Washingtonia Palms.

The length, width and height of this tool mean we need to add $15 (for each one of these tools you order) to our standard $8.99 flat rate shipping to account for the actual expense of shipping. 

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