Hand Tool Re-Handle & Refurbish

Send in your Red Pig Tool and we'll re-handle it, clean up the metal, and re-coat it with a protective clear coat and send it back.
Item Number:CU-0009
After a few years of hard work - or an accidental series of run ins with the elements (hey, people leave tools outside all the time) - the hand tools we make can need or benefit from some professional care. 

If you would like to send in one or more of your Red Pig hand tools - anything on a handle that is 36" or less - for a complete clean up, re-handling, and re-sharpening (if necessary) we're happy to do it. You ship it to us (we recommend a trackable, insured method of shipping). We let you know when we receive it and when you can expect it to ship back (typically 1 week). 

We are happy to repair tools sent in that are in need of repairs outside the scope of what is described below at an additional charge depending on the type/scope of the repair needed. Long handled tools (anything above 48") and replacement using a different type of handle (for example, replacing a standard handle with an 18" long handle) also will require an additional fee.  

Included are:

1) clean up of all metal surfaces on the tool, including removing rust
2) removal of the old handle
3) welding to close any hole in the shank/tang where our original rivet passed through to affix the tool and handle
4) new clear coating over all the metal surfaces
5) new handle (affixed by rivet if the original tool had a rivet)
6) return shipping to your address (limited to the US, addresses that are served by USPS Priority Mail)

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