Long Handle Cape Cod Hoe

The scuffle hoe for those of us who forget to weed early and often.
Item Number:LH-H025

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Scuffle hoes are the most efficient weeding tool but require that you weed early--just as the weed seeds start sprouting in early spring--and often. You must follow the King Herod Rule, named after the biblical monarch who ordered the slaughter of infants. i.e. Kill them while they're babies. For those who procrastinate, and allow the fragile seedlings to mature into tough little plants, there is the Long Handled Cape Cod Hoe. 

Like the more familiar Cape Cod Hand Weeder this tool has a forged L-shaped head that beheads weeds just below the soil. Kept sharp, it slides back and forth easily clearing a 5" wide path. The cutting blade in angled slightly backward to make sure it doesn't allow especially tough weeds to slip out of its grasp, uncut. The sharpened tip of the blade allows you to thrust it deep into the soil to extricate individual weeds that have matured to the point where even repeated shallow hoeing would not eliminate them. The head is forged from either 5/8" or 3/4" diameter rod for extra strength to eliminate the risk of bending it under all reasonable circumstances. Don't try to use it on large tree roots or to pry out rocks, please. We haft the Long Handled Cape Cod Hoe with a thick handle for extra durability. It's a heavy son-of-a-gun but beheading overgrown weeds is heavy son-of-a-gun work.

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