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A small trowel good for all day work.
A small trowel good for all day work.

2 1/2-Inch Small Trowel

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Price: $35.00
Our smallest general purpose hand-forged trowel
Item Number: SR-S011
Availability: In Stock.
Our smallest general purpose trowel is shorter overall than our larger models and has a blade that is 1/2-inch narrower and 1 inch shorter than our medium trowel. For people with small hands. Like our medium trowel, this one has a shank forged from 7/16" diameter steel. Our trowels are flat to start with and then cupped. The measurement is from the backside of the trowel, not across the front. Trowels in the photo are from left to right; Large 4"; Medium 3"; Small 2 1/2"; and xSmall 2". The trowels have their own number and are located under "Digging".

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