4-Inch Large Trowel
A large, heavy duty trowel great for digging.

4-Inch Large Trowel

Our trowel is for big hands and heavy work.
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Item Number:SR-S013
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
Our largest traditional garden trowel. The blade tapers from 4 inches wide down to a sharp point and is knife sharp all along its curved edges. The blade is forged from saw steel and holds a good edge even in rocky and sandy soils. The shank is made of half-inch diameter rod hammered to an ovoid cross section for greater strength. The top of the shank is hammered square and inserted 3 inches deep into a long-ferruled hickory handle, then riveted so that it will never come out. The shank has an offset to prevent scraping your knuckles when scooping. The blade is forge-welded to the shank. Our trowels are flat to start with and then cupped. The measurement is from the backside of the trowel, not across the front. Trowels aren't made any better or stronger than this.  Trowels in the photo are from left to right; Large 4"; Medium 3"; Small 2 1/2"; and x-Small 2". The trowels have their own number and are located under "Digging".

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