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8 Inch Tool Sharpening File (Mill Bastard)

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Item Number: OM-M026
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Basic file for tool maintenance

Traditionally, it was common knowledge that one kept one's tools sharp... after all, a sharpened tool edge cuts with less resistance making everything from digging to weeding much easier. In the days when people bought or traded with a local blacksmith for a tool, they probably left with it sharp. As tools became more widely made at large scale, manufacturers found it was cheaper and safer to leave out that last step or only put on a rough, blunt edge. It was up to the buyer to finish the job. Eventually, unless a person grew up on a farm or in the presence of an adult who sharpened their own tools, people mostly forgot that a good tool for working in the garden is a sharpened tool.

The mill bastard file is for just this purpose. You can find one in any hardware store and in most old toolboxes. We sell this 8" mill bastard file made in the USA by Simmonds mounted on a hickory handle. With minimal effort and an easy to learn technique, you can put an acceptable sharpened edge back on most of your tools.

Most of the tools we make are shipped to you sharp and ready to go right to work. Eventually, with work, the edges will begin to wear down and you will want to re-sharpen them to get the most work out of the tool with the least amount of effort. 

Ideally, you should tightly clamp the tool shank in a vice, hold the file handle in one hand, and use the other hand to apply pressure to the tip of the file. Move with a smooth motion forward and across the length of the edge being sharpened. It will take several strokes if you've let the edge get dull or just a couple if you treat your edge more like a knife and hone it regularly. Wear gloves, eye protection, and be safe whenever you sharpen a tool. 

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