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A Bigger Holeabout

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Price: $45.00
A trowel you don't want to be without!
Item Number: SR-S015
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A  Bigger Holeabout!

 As a class, transplanting trowels are distinguished by a deeply dished blade, sharpened along its parallel or converging sides, and a handle aligned central to the arc described by the blade.  The design facilitates the excavation of planting holes with a single thrust of the blade into the ground followed by a deft rotation of the wrist.  For many years we have produced a forged transplanting trowel dubbed a “Holeabout” because it makes a hole about two or three inches in diameter.   Now we are offering a bigger forged Holeabout--one that can be used to quickly carve out holes between three and six inches in diameter.  It is especially useful  when setting out top size bulbs, such as Crinums, plugs and  plants grown in four-inch to six-inch containers.    Its parallel sides and bottom edge are sharply beveled.  The blade measures seven inches deep, three inches across and four inches when measured across its backside.  Length about 17".  Weight about 24ozs.  Whether you are a nurseryman, a landscaper or simply a gardener who sets out large numbers of plants, you will find this tool both useful and durable.

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