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ARS 8" Heavy Duty Hand Pruner

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Price: $70.00
Item Number: OM-M031
Availability: In Stock.
We know that many people come to us when they have given up on throwing away cheap tools that have broken at the end of the season. These general purpose hand pruners, made by ARS, are a heavy duty 8" cutter that will stand up to prolonged use over the years. The high carbon steel blades should be sharpened for general maintenance, but can also be replaced once they have become worn out. High carbon steel wears slower, making it a more durable cutting material. Partnered with the hard chrome plating, which resists sap and rust, makes for a relatively easy to maintain pruner.

  • Easy "Squeeze to Open" lock
  • Adjustable torque with lock nut at back
  • Replaceable blade
  • Hard chrome plated blade
  • High carbon tool steel blade 
  • Full length: 8" 
  • Weight: 8 oz.
ARS is a Japanese company that is well known in the gardening community and has been making tools since 1876. They are known for their high quality and standards. We can't make a cutting tool quite like this in our shop, that's why we import and sell them to you.


Leather sheaths are a great way to keep snips and pruners ready at hand as well as protected in storage.

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