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We want to provide a remarkable experience to our customers, and strive to be clear and transparent in how we operate. If you have any questions or need clarification about any of the ground rules we set forth here in our terms and conditions, please let use know. Call or use our Contact Us form. Thank you. 

We want to thank you for supporting an independent, artisan business making extremely high quality tools here in Oregon. We use materials in products that are also made in America (our handles are turned for us in Tennessee and Arkansas, our rivets are made in America, our stickers/labels and most of our boxes are made by independent businesses in the United States as well). 

We also sell a limited number of items made by other brands/companies who typically make their products overseas. These include ARS, Bulldog, Chillington, Weedies Gardening Gloves, and others. We have vetted these products and think their quality is as good or better than anything else on the market using similar materials and production steps. In general, these are items for which we do not make our own version, or if we do our version is significantly more expensive and these other products offer a good value for their overall good quality.

Should you wish to return an item or an entire order, no problem. Please note, we do not refund shipping costs. Refunds for returns are based on the total amount you paid minus the actual shipping costs we have paid to the shipping carriers to get your order to you. These are often higher than what you have paid, if you have chosen a Flat Rate Shipping option. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for our return policy and instructions. We're sorry you are not happy with what you purchased but hope to serve you again in the future.