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BBQ Fork & Meat Turner Set Custom

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Price: $65.00
Be The Envy of Your Barby Friends!
Item Number: CU-M005
Availability: This item is made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to get your tool ready to ship.

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These BBQ tools are the best. The meat turner is great for turning over steaks. Just snag it with the point and flip it right over. The fork can be used to turn chicken, test veggies to see if they're done or gently poke eager fingers wanting to take a taste.. They measure about 18 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches long. Or any custom length you want. They're made from 3/8 inch square stock.

The size, shape, and weight of this item means we must charge an additional $10 shipping fee to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it.

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