Ball Weeder
Push straight down near the weed, and roll backward or down to grab and lift the weed out.

Ball Weeder

"Pop" Goes The Weedies
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Item Number:SR-W001
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
A Victorian invention, Ball Weeders have a two pronged fork protruding from a 2 1/2-inch diameter knob at the base of a short handle. While effective at prying taprooted weeds such as dandelions, they are also useful for removing weeds with spreading roots. The ball is an excellent fulcrum that gives you leverage even when the ground is soft or wet. Weeders with narrow, straplike fulcrums penetrate soft, wet surfaces and fail to give leverage. The one shortcoming of traditional ball weeders is their short handle. They give you a great fulcrum but not much of a lever. Our Ball Weeder has a full 10 inches of shaft and handle above the ball, giving a many fold increase in mechanical advantage. The forged head is strong enough and long enough to grab mature taproots by the shoulder and pop them out of the ground with ease.

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