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Broad Arrow Weeding Hoe

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Price: $30.00
An old design made handier and stronger.
Item Number: SR-H010
Availability: In Stock.

Scuffle hoes with blades in the shape of an arrowhead have been around since the late 1800’s. When well-sharpened on both leading and trailing edges, they are efficient weed extirpators.  The leading edge readily slides just under the soil surface to slice weeds where they are most vulnerable.  The backswept edge slices easily.  When pulled rearward the blade edges both slice and guide any resisting weed to an apex where the stem is cut from two directions.  One of the most popular hand weeders of recent decades has an arrowhead shape.  Its blade, however, is thin, brittle and mounted to a diminutive shaft by small rivets.  It is prone to breakage under hard use.  Our Broad Arrow Hoe--so named for its resemblance to the famous mark used to identify British military goods--will stand up to hard use.  Its sharp blade is extra thick--it cuts but won’t shatter.  The shaft and blade are forge-welded together.  The shaft is set at a low angle so that more force is applied on both forward and rearward strokes.  And the hickory handle is securely riveted to the shaft.  One helluva tool.  

Measures about 15" long. Blade at widest part is about 5".  

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