Bulb Lifter
Bulb lifters have two prongs and round tips for getting under bulbs to lift them, without damaging them, for over winter regions.

Bulb Lifter

The Dutch know how to lift bulbs.
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Item Number:SR-M008
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
In Holland, where bulb culture is a virtual religion, a narrow, 2-tine hand fork is used to lift bulbs from the soil without damaging them. Our bulb lifter mimics the classic Dutch design. The single piece head has two tines made of 7/16-inch round rod that have been forged flat. The tines have a one inch gap between them and are slightly curved top to bottom. This is the proper tool for easing bulbs out of the ground for off-season storage or when thinning crowded plantings.

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