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Canterbury Hoe

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Price: $55.00
An ancient ground-breaker.
Item Number: OM-H037
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The Canterbury Hoe is not really a hoe. Rather it is a 3-tine, right angle, ox-eye fork intended for groudbreaking. This pattern of tool is ancient dating back some 21 centuries or more. In the form we offer it is a familiar, if not common, tool throughout Europe, North Africa and the Near East. Similar tools can be found in most other regions of Africa, Asia, India, and the Western Pacific. 

Using the tool is simple. To break ground, it is lifted overhead and swung downwards in a wide area to drive the tines into the earth. Then you lift on the handle to lever the earth loose. To break up clods, you wield the tool with a short, chopping motion. It can also be used as a heavy duty drag to move brush piles, spread manure, or empty the back of your truck at the dump. The head of this tool was forged in England many years ago by the Chillington Company. We furnish it with a 54-inch handle. It ships with the head removed from the handle.

The size, shape, and weight of this item means we must charge an additional $10 shipping fee to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it.

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