Cape Cod Weeder - Lft
The best left-handed all purpose scuffle hoe weeder. As far as I know, we are the only ones making a left handed version.

Cape Cod Weeder - Lft

A left-handed version of the Cape Code Weeder for our Southpaw customers.
In Stock.
Item Number:SR-W006
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
Designed decades ago by a woman living on Cape Cod (or so it was told). The cape cod weeder was a regional favorite until the late 1980's when Snow & Neally of Bangor, Maine began to market it nationwide. It is now well on it's way to ubiquity. Our version adheres closely to the orginal design albeit with a longer shank and shorter handle. We also forge it a bit thicker for longer life and better performance on overgrown weeds. The tool cuts on both the forward and back stroke -- it's a scuffle hoe -- and can be turned on its side and driven in by its point to nick out weeds snuggled up to valuable plants. Properly made, the cape cod weeder has a slight back angle to the blade that makes it exceptionally effective on the pull stroke. Moreover, this is a tool that demands to be produced in both left and right handed versions. (I'm very right handed and can't begin to use the Southpaw version. And I bet extreme lefties apreciate having a tool that doesn't feel awkward to use.)

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