Crows Foot - Large
Large crows foot cultivators are a great tool for scratching up dirt, mixing in soil amendments and compost, pulling leaves out from under shrubs, and more.

Crows Foot - Large

A superb shallow cultivator.
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Item Number:SR-C000
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
This five tine cultivator is shaped like your hand with its tines curved slightly inward. It is designed to scratch the soil shallowly, creating a dust mulch and uprooting weed seedlings in the process. An excellent choice when tilling among plants whose feeder roots are close to the soil surface. Each tine tapers slightly toward the tip. This larger version of our crow's foot cultivator measures about 14 inches long and 4 1/2 - 5 inches wide and is most suited to gardens with average to wide spacing between plants. A great tool for working fertilizers and amendments into the top inch or so of soil.

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