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The hand-forged solid socket Diamond Hoe has been popular in the Netherlands for a long time.
The hand-forged solid socket Diamond Hoe has been popular in the Netherlands for a long time.

Diamond Hoe Long Handle

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Price: $68.00
Item Number: LH-H001
Availability: This item is made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to get your tool ready to ship.

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An efficient scuffle hoe with a long reach

The Diamond Hoe, an excellent and versatile scuffle hoe, has been popular for many years in the Netherlands, and only more recently so here in the US. Sharpened on all four sides it is extremely efficient at slicing through weed roots just below the soil. This hoe is meant to be used early and often as annual and perennial weeds emerge. The pointed ends of the diamond can be used to flick out weeds that are close enough to any desirable plant don't want to nick.   

The standard small head is almost 6 inches wide, making it ideal for typically spaced garden plantings. The large 9 inch wide blade is more suited to wide open spaces where you have a lot of ground to cover. All of the hoe heads are welded to a forged shank and come standard with a riveted solid socket. Choose the tang-and-ferrule connection style for a slightly lighter tool. It is less durable over the long run, especially if you bear weight on the hoe, but is functionally the same and delivers the same combination of rapid coverage and precision. 

You may be interested in the hand tool for up close garden work while squatting or sitting on the ground.

There are three ordering options:
  • Choose a handle length based on your height or order the solid socket head with no handle.
  • Choose style of connection: forged solid socket (riveted) or tang and ferrule (riveted)
  • Choose head size: standard small (same size as hand tool, 5 1/2 to 6" wide), standard medium (slightly larger 7" in width, less common), standard large (typically 9" in width). Custom head sizes available, please get in touch for more information.
The size, shape, and weight of a long handled tool means we must charge an additional $15 shipping fee per tool to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it. Tools that are both long and wide can be quite expensive to ship.

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Sharpened on all four sides, this hand held scuffle is one of the most efficient weeders out there.

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