Dutch Push Hoes
Dutch Push Hoes

Dutch Push Hoes

The most powerful weeding hoe made.
This item is made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to get your tool ready to ship.
Item Number:LH-H021
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools

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The most powerful of hoes are the push hoes. They have a distinctive design wherein their shank is split and fastened at each end of the blade, rather than the middle. The shank arises from a socket which surrounds the end of the handle. The blade is slightly thicker than other weeding hoes. The tools are designed for heavy-duty weeding and can keep sharp when wielded properly, make short work of thistle, dock and even--in my experience--sprouting Washingtonia Palms.

There are three ordering options:
  • Choose a handle length based on your height or order the solid socket head with no handle.
  • Choose style of connection: forged solid socket (riveted) or tang and ferrule (riveted)
  • Choose head size: 4" wide, 5" wide, 6" wide, 8" wide, or 11" wide
The size, shape, and weight of a long handled tool means we must charge an additional $15 shipping fee per tool to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it. Tools that are both long and wide can be quite expensive to ship.

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