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A gardening hand fork with flat tines for maintaining well cultivated soil.
A gardening hand fork with flat tines for maintaining well cultivated soil.

English Style Hand Fork

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“A Proper English Garden Fork”

The lady, identifiable as British by her accent, was obviously elated. “At last,” she cooed as
she picked up the three-­tined fork from the table at our garden­-show booth, “a proper English
weeding fork. I have been unable to find one anywhere.” 

While not unknown on this side of the Atlantic, the style of fork to which she referred is ubiquitous in Great Britain. It has flat tines that are wide near the top, where they merge with the shank , and taper to pointed tips. The tool, along with a trowel and a dibble, is one of a trinity possessed by nearly every English gardener. (In the USA, the three most common garden hand tools are a trowel, three-­tined cultivator, and a forked-­tongue weeder evolved from an asparagus harvesting knife.) 

American ­made garden hand forks tend to be made with thicker, round tines and are mostly used for loosening soil to maintain tilth rather than for weeding. The tools are different enough that we make both patterns. Our English style fork includes the best refinements of the type, including slightly dished tines for increased rigidity, a slight lengthwise curvature, and a recurved, forge-­welded shank of 7/16” steel rod that is riveted to the handle.

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