Forged Fork (Bulldog)
The digging or garden fork head at bottom is slightly larger than the border fork.

Forged Fork (Bulldog)

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Item Number:OM-S0
  • Origin:Wigan, England- Made by Bulldog Tools

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Forged forks have been used in the garden for a very long time. We get lots of requests to make them. Hand forging a fork is extremely time consuming, which makes the end product expensive. So we offer Bulldog's forged forks instead. This allows us to provide you a high quality forged fork at less than half the price of a hand-forged fork from our workshop.   

Traditional English forks come in various sizes. We offer the 11 and 9 inch version which are good for most gardeners. The 11" digging fork is made for heavy garden work, while the 9" version is better for confined spaces and those looking for a slightly lighter tool. The solid forged head extends practically half-way up the handle making the tool extra durable where it needs to be. Digging or garden forks typically have four tines. These are squared, pointed at the end, and only slightly curved. Like us, Bulldog uses Ash to make their handles. They also steam bend the wood near the top to create the D shape for a nice grip. From bottom to top the digging fork stands at 39" tall, while the border fork is 37". 

The size, shape, and weight of this item means we must charge an additional $10 shipping fee to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it.

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