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Galvanized Potting Bench Scoop

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Price: $35.00
A flat bottom scoop for potting.
Item Number: CU-M004
Availability: In Stock.

A scoop designed for potting benches and other flat surfaces

There are plenty of scoops on the market, mostly plastic or aluminum and made for handling measures of grain, seed or soil amendments. Our scoop differs from the common one in that it is made with a wood handle and backpiece attached by brass nails to a galvanized steel trough. It's a 1-quart scoop. Moreover, the trough is flat-bottomed, not round, so it will pick up material off your potting bench or other flat surfaces; much in the manner of a dustpan. Round bottom scoops clear a 1/2 inch path at best, where ours, clears one 4 inches wide. The trough is made of 12 ga. steel. The handle and the backplate are made of various hardwoods we have on hand. (our next door neighbor is a cabinet maker and gives us lots of usable hardwood of varying species.)

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