Hazeltine Weeder (Hot Bed Weeder)
A hazeltine is a hot bed weeder originally for keeping your hands out of manure. Its a great, undervalued weeder in tight plantings.

Hazeltine Weeder (Hot Bed Weeder)

A versatile, four edged, light duty weeder for highly amended beds.
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Item Number:SR-W003
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
Once an extremely popular tool, the Hazeltine was designed for weeding in hot beds. (A hot bed, oddly, is a cold frame containing a soil mix heavy with heat producing manure.) A steel strap of one-inch width is forged and then sharpened along both sides and across the front. It is then bent at four points producing a sort of question mark (?) shape with one, two, three and four-inch cutting edges. You select the edge segment that suits the spacing between plants and slice away weeds. An excellent tool for weeding among your plants in amended soils, whether in a hot bed, a cold frame or outdoors. Especially useful in a vegetable garden or among regular rows of plants being propagated for setting out.

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