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Kitchen Utensil 5 Piece Set/Holder

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Price: $450.00
A very unique kitchen set.
Item Number: Z-33
Availability: In Stock.
This five piece kitchen set is a beautiful piece of work. The set comes with a two-tine fork, soup ladle, spatula, spoon and a meat turner. The ladle, spatula and spoon heads are made of copper. This set is not just an ornament, it's very functional. I have a set in my kitchen and use them all the time when I am cooking. Hand wash and dry after use. Do not put in the dishwasher. Handle lengths can be customized at no additional charge. Utensils range between 12-16" long. You can also choose what kind of utensils would work best for your kitchen.

The size, shape, and weight of this item means we must charge an additional $20 shipping fee to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it.

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