Potting Trowel
Potting Trowel for houseplant and container gardening. Upside down blade keeps hands away from plant in use.

Potting Trowel

A trowel with its blade on upside down.
In Stock.
Item Number:SR-S007
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
A trowel that places your hand down and away from a potted plant instead of up and in. This minimizes damage to tender (i.e. begonia) or brittle (i.e. fuchsia) specimens. The shallowly cupped, 2-inch wide blade is easily worked along the inside surface of the pot. Our trowels are flat to start with and then cupped. The measurement is from the backside of the trowel, not across the front. Like all of our trowels, this tool is built for a lifetime or two of service.

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