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A root hook is perfectly suited for untangling pot bound roots, loosening root balls before transplanting, and is also good at loosening knots as long as used carefully!
A simple hand rake for getting in under shrubs and other hard to reach spots.
Bulb Planter
This item is made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to get your tool ready to ship.
A half moon draw hoe for cutting and slicing weeds in beds with good spacing between plants.
A dibble or dibber or dibbler is a heavy duty hole maker. Stick it in the ground and wiggle to make a planting hole
It is what it sounds like, a big heavy duty finger for cultivating, weeding, scratching, digging whatever you would do with your finger.
Sharpened on all four sides, this hand held scuffle is one of the most efficient weeders out there.
Our lightest tool for cultivating, mixing in soil amendments, and scratching the dirt.
Close-up of the crevice weeder.
Bulb lifters have two prongs and round tips for getting under bulbs to lift them, without damaging them, for over winter regions.