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Root Saw

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Price: $45.00
A saw that rips through roots and ignores dirt and rocks.
Item Number: CU-M015
Availability: In Stock.
Never destroy another good pruning saw on roots again. It's thin and brittle and will snap if bent too much. Root cutting is equally hard on hand pruners or loppers. It's easy to catch a pebble between the blade and hook and destroy your $80 Felcos. 

Bob designed this root saw for the brutish work of severing tough, fibrous roots of trees and shrubs without breaking. Its blade is a quarter inch thick along the back and its teeth are strong and aggressive. It cuts on the pull stroke. When you're spotting plants into a border and need to whack some roots, or when you're trying to stimulate a reluctant wisteria to bloom, this is the tool you want to stick into the ground. 

This tool is good for roots up to about two inches thick. For bigger ones, call us about our Root Remover. Or get a Pulaski or Cutter Mattock.  Length is about 20-21" overall.

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