Thinning Hoe Long Handle
The thinning hoe is also available with a solid socket, although not pictured here.

Thinning Hoe Long Handle

This item is made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to get your tool ready to ship.
Item Number:LH-H030
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools

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A Hoe for Vegetable Row Gardening

The thinning hoe is a sharp trapezium with 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch edges. Pick the edge that corresponds to the spacing you want between seedlings and slice away the excess ones. Leave them behind to nourish the soil for the remaining plants. 

Originally, Bob only made a short handled version of this tool. As a young man, he thinned his vegetables while kneeling. That positioned him close to the plants so he could simultaneously thin and check for insect infestation on the tender young plants. With age, Bob found reason--aching knees due to injury and arthritis--for doing more garden chores while standing. Thus, the long-handled version of this handy tool came about.

There are two ordering options as this tool only has one head size:
  • Choose a handle length based on your height, 18" for working at raised beds, or order the solid socket head with no handle.
  • Choose style of connection: forged solid socket (riveted) or tang-and-ferrule (riveted)
The size, shape, and weight of a long handled tool means we must charge an additional $15 shipping fee per tool to our flat rate shipping rate to accommodate for the actual cost of shipping it. Tools that are both long and wide can be quite expensive to ship.

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