Weed Yank
Grab and yank the weed out at the root, or roll away from you using the curve for leverage and lift.

Weed Yank

Jerk out those little jerks.
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Item Number:SR-W002
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools
This is a light duty weeder and cultivator of my own design, although I wouldn't be surprised if someone, somewhere, sometime in the past had come up with the same thing. To use this tool, you just swing it so that the curving tines enter the ground just on the far side of a weed. Then jerk. Out comes the weed, roots and all. While this isn't the tool for overgrown, deeply rooted weeds -- the direct pull requires too much strength -- it's fine for the little weeds. And it's a great little cultivator, especially for narrow spaces.

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