Weeding Fork (Long Handle)
Comes as an acreage version made from 3/4" steel seen here in blue or the home-owner's or yard version made from 1/2" steel.

Weeding Fork (Long Handle)

A weeder for the big ones.
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Item Number:LH-W011
  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools

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Before the era of chemical weeding, when slicing, prying and yanking were the weed removal methods of choice, weeding forks were the big guns. Sometimes called spade forks, these tools were used to pry overgrown, tap-rooted perennial weeds such as dandelions, docks and thistles. Almost always two or three-pronged (occasionally, four) they came with or without a tread. Our standard tool for the home gardener is forged from 5/8" rod with a 1/2" crossbar that doubles as a step for driving the fork deep into the ground and a fulcrum for prying with the stout handle. If you live on rural acreage and eschew Round-Up, Crossbow and other weed killers, the tool for you is forged from a 3/4" rod with a 5/8" cross bar.  Our standard length of the tool ranges from roughly 57-61". 

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