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3-Inch Medium Trowel

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Price: $35.00
Narrower and lighter than our biggest trowel
Item Number: SR-S012
Availability: In Stock.
Our mid-size trowel is made for several lifetimes of service, just like our biggest trowel. It's just a bit narrower at 3" and has a shank of 7/16" diameter rod instead of 1/2-inch, still more substantial than other forged trowels. Designed for heavy duty planting and weeding. This trowel is suitable for people with mid-sized hands and average strength. Our trowels are flat to start with and then cupped. The measurement is from the backside of the trowel, not across the front. 
Trowels in the photo are from left to right; Large 4"; Medium 3"; Small 2 1/2"; and x-Small 2". The trowels have their own number and are located under "Digging".

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