Hand Plow Right
A hand plow is based on a Korean design almost 2000 years old, and it is the favorite tool of many of our friendly master gardeners.

Hand Plow Right

Any tool that's been used for 2000 years must be useful.
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  • Origin:Oregon, USA- Red Pig Garden Tools

A Korean Hand Plow brought to you with a few improvements

We call it a hand plow, or plough, because like a plow it pulls through the soil making a furrow and drops the displaced dirt to one side. In Korea, where the tool originates and where it has been made and used for about 2000 years, it is known as a "Ho Mi" which translates as "Little Spear." 

The head of the tool is hand forged in hole-in-the-wall smithys outside of Seoul, Korea. Its design is astonishingly sophisticated. The leaf-shaped blade is thin at the top where it is widest, and thicker at the tip. Opposing curves (convex, side to side and concave, top to bottom) give the thin blade great strength and stability. 

Our version- we buy the heads and modify them slightly- has several significant improvements. 
  • We sharpen both edges of the blade so it can be laid over and used as a weeder slicer. 
  • The shaped hickory handle is through riveted to the shank so it won't come off. 
  • We offer a left-handed version. (Click here to order.) No one else does, insofar as we know. 
The Hand Plough is extremely versatile. It ploughs. It's a great clod buster. It's a decent weed slicer and a very good spot weeder. To plant with it, you loosen the soil with the pointed tip; roll it over in your hand and use the circular top portion to scoop a hole; set your plant, bulb or seeds and use the blade to backfill the planting hole.  Many gardeners stop by our stand at shows to let anyone standing nearby know that this is their favorite, most depended-upon tool. 
5 Stars
Grow a clean chemical free garden
I have used this tool for years! I would not even think of gardening without one!!! I keep one is spare just incase! My garden is established, but used one when it was still red clay, not black and loamy!! It is my bed buddy and can not praise it enough... strong, can use both edges for different uses and lasts and lasts.... Red Pig tools are all good. I always investing in good tools, since I do most of a 10,000 sq. ft. garden, by hand at 73! It is my go to gift for people who garden and need a present!! Enjoy!!
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Reviewed by:  from Tryon. on 8/9/2018
5 Stars
My favorite tool!
I have used one of these for 30 years. I use it to weed (fabulous for uplifting deep rooted weeds and tough grasses), dig furrows for planting seed, moving mulch out of the way when planting, digging holes for planting small plants. My 30 year old one is getting worn. I love my Red Pig hand trowel, so I'm going to try his modified hand plow next.
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Reviewed by:  from Henrico. on 3/24/2020

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