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A potting trowel is the best digging tool for potted plants and container gardening
A seeder, a weeder, and a small trowel with a chiseled v-shaped front edge.
A narrow, sharp trowel for gardening on and around rock walls and pathways.
A flat bladed trowel for setting bulbs and light dividing of iris, lily, and other spreading plants.
Transplant trowels are sharpened up the whole side and have a bigger cup than regular trowels.
Push straight down near the weed, and roll backward or down to grab and lift the weed out.
Grab and yank the weed out at the root, or roll away from you using the curve for leverage and lift.
An old timey hand weeder, based on a larger, stand up version we also make in several sizes.
The V or Vee hoe is light but aggressive weeder. Use the point to flick out weeds and slice them with the narrow blade sharpened along both sides.