Widger - Houseplant Tool and Transplanting Trowel
The traditional widger (option A) at center has two digging ends, while option B at left has a cultivating point and option C at right has an extended point for weeding.

Widger - Houseplant Tool and Transplanting Trowel

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A widger is a good old multi-purpose transplanting tool from England. Made from a single piece of high carbon steel, it is the shape of a tapered nail file, with a bend in the middle so that the two sides are slightly off-set. Originally for planting seeds and transplanting small starts, this tool also shines as a houseplant, potted plant, and window box tool. Hold it between your thumb and first finger for light digging and prying, scratching in micro-furrows for planting seeds, and lifting out small weeds. Switch your grip and hold it in your fist with a thumb along the inside center and you will be able to scrape, dig, and pry. 

We make every widger different from recycled saw blades, so dimensions will vary. Each widger though will generally start from a flat piece 10-12 inches long, tapered from around 1/2"-3/4" on one side to 3/4"-1" on the other. Choose the style that best fits the work you do: cupped digging tip on both sides (option A), a digging tip on one side and a cultivating point tip on the other (option B), or a digging tip on one half and a rounded cultivating and weeding draw tip on the opposite side (option C). See the alternate images above to get an idea of the range of options.  

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